Olympic Games: Chinese table tennis team so far no left-handed men’s singles champion, Wang Chuqin can break the ‘curse’?

In the history of the Chinese table tennis team there is a very strange phenomenon, that is, the men’s team’s left-handed athletes are very difficult to win the competition singles champion – undeniably, from the number of comparative point of view, the right-handed players to be far more than the left-handed, however, from the 1950s

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Chinese table tennis team skipper cries red eyes! Ma Lin looks back at close World Series win over Japan again, says bluntly: it’s scary

Recently, the Chinese table tennis team women’s head coach Ma Lin accepted an interview, shared with the reporter his recent period of coaching journey, especially in the reference to this year’s Busan World Series women’s final 3-2 narrowly defeated Japan when the eyes red, deep tears, frankly: “very fearful, that day the ups and downs

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Zhang Yining recalls Olympic thrilling moments: it’s a nightmare to think about! Encouraging Sun Yingsha and others to overcome difficulties

Paris Olympics is about to start, not long ago after visiting the Chinese table tennis team training base, Smash famous Zhang Yining once again appeared to participate in the interview, after being asked by the host, “Have you been particularly impressed by the game”, Zhang Yining mentioned the 2008 Beijing Olympics because of racket violations,

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Chinese table tennis team Olympic marching ceremony successfully concluded, Liu Guoliang, Li Ning spoke, 8 main force sunshine new team uniforms

On the evening of July 4, the national table tennis team “in my name, for the country” theme of the Paris Olympic Games departure ceremony came to a successful conclusion, the Chinese table tennis association chairman Liu Guoliang, Li Ning, chairman of the Li Ning Group, appeared, and Wang Chuqin, Fan Zhendong, Ma Long, Liang

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