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Review SANWEI table tennis blade – Top10

Table of Contents Top 10 – 7 ply pure wood blade – Fextra FEXTRA is a handmade 7 ply pure wood blade.Laminated by initiative attaching technique.Offer a steady hand-feeling and compensate the control ability to the player who’s weak on this skill.The 3 middle wood-layers reflect clearly the reaction of force and counterforce.It helps the

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Key Considerations – Buy Table Tennis Blade

Table of Contents – Buy table tennis blade Wood Type Understanding the type of wood used in a table tennis blade has a significant impact on its performance. Common wood types include basswood, pine, and plywood, each with different elasticity and stiffness characteristics. Different wood types used in table tennis blades have different effects on

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August Global Table Tennis Events

1. WTT Youth Contester Charleston, USA: August 1st to 4th.   This competition is organized by the World Table Tennis (WTT) Tour and takes place in Charleston, USA. It is specifically designed for young players, aiming to provide an international platform for them to showcase their talents and skills in table tennis. 2. WTT Contester Rio

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Review the Sanwei Parla Blade

Writer: yogi_bear Original link: TTD link: SANWEI PARLA BLADE Weight: 86 grams Thickness: 7 plies (Limba-ayous x5 -Limba) Thickness: 5.9mm Speed: All+ to Off- Sanwei recently released their newest 7-ply all-wood blade under the Trio Series. Sanwei went back to the basic and proven design of a typical 7-ply all-wood blade that has

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Review: best 7 ply all wood blade Parla

Writer :  XinYu Cheng – the best 7 ply all wood blade Parla  Original Link: Table of Contents The appearance of Sanwei Parla Speed Performance Spin Performance Control Performance Defense Performance Conclusion The appearance of Sanwei Parla On opening the packaging, the Sanwei Parla blade presents a burgundy base color. The overall design is

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Table tennis rubber protector

Taking care of table tennis rubbers is essential to maintain their performance and prolong their lifespan. Here are some details to pay attention to when caring for table tennis rubber protector: 1. Cleaning:     After each session, clean the table tennis rubber using a rubber cleaner or water-based cleaning solution specifically designed for table

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table tennis throw angle

Introduction:Discovering the ideal table tennis throw angle for your forehand and backhand rubbers is essential for elevating your table tennis performance. The trajectory of the ball significantly influences its spin, speed, and control during a game. This post explores the optimal throw angles for both forehand and backhand rubbers, guiding you towards unlocking your full

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Playing Table Tennis with Non-Dominant Hand

Table of Contents: playing table tennis with the non-dominant hand Introduction:Table tennis is a popular sport that offers enjoyment to both recreational players and professional athletes. However, to enhance our skills and surpass personal limits, it is often necessary to explore new approaches and methods. In this article, we will delve into an exciting and

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ITTF World Ranking

Mid-2023 ITTF World Ranking: Top 10 Players

Table tennis rankings 2023 Author: Downson , Original Link: This table tennis rankings 2023 article will discuss the latest Top 10 world table tennis players as of mid-June 2023 and provide insights into their life experiences, hobbies, and playing styles. Table tennis is a thrilling sport that requires precision, speed, and exceptional skills. The

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