sandpaper ping pong paddle old photo

The history of Sandpaper ping pong paddle

Contents of this film blog Sandpaper ping pong paddle’s debut Sandpaper ping pong paddles ( Sandpaper bats), also known as sandpaper bats, were the original equipment used for playing table tennis. This paddle is made from sandpaper and has a rough surface. It’s used to give the ball spin. The origins of sandpaper ping pong

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New Target National

Reviews: SANWEI Target National

Sanwei was one of the first company released new-generation rubber which have sticky topsheet and bouncy sponge( about 5 years earlier than BTY Dignics 09C and 6 years earlier than Tibhar K2 and K3). In the end of 2021, Sanwei finally upgrade their flag-ship rubber Sanwei Target National and released a brand- new version of

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Review: SANWEI Code OX

Notes for CODE OX OFF: Code (off – with pip texture). Classic defensive chops on incoming top spin loops are returned with very heavy backspin, the second chop becomes extremely difficult for the opponent to lift again. Passive blocks over the table are straightforward and the ball is returned with very little energy and some

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Review: SANWEI Target Europe 40+ FX

Notes for TARGET 40+ EUROPE FX: Tackiness is low, no need for break-in. Adaptation is necessary when coming from high arc rubbers such as Tenergy 05. This rubber produces a lower arc and the throw is a bit lower than Tenergy 05. It works well if you have a strong technique: playing with fully developed.

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Review: Target Europe

Notes for TARGET 40+ EUROPE: Similar to Target National with much less tackiness. The overall feel is quickly positive, adaptation is fast. We can feel that we are dealing with a rather hard sponge, playing very gently near the net is possible (the ball does not die down into the net) – there is somewhat

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Review: Target 90

notes for TARGET 90: Slower than Target Europe and Target National, the throw is rather neutral and the arc is medium. Versatile and control orientated although we have some good speed when hitting, this is by no means a slow sponge. It has great feel. Very good for blocking game and offensive game near the

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my notes for TARGET PRO BLUE 38,5° : Blue sponge, this is a hard traditional chinese sponge made for fit players with strong technical ability. Tackiness is very high. Needs a bit of break-in before rubber sheet performance stabilises but remains very grippy. It produces lower arc and the throw is sensibly lower than Tenergy

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