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    $24.99 Select options

    · The ultimate control experience brought by the Trio series: Before designing the blade, our designers need to determine its main attribute, and no doubt,perfect control is what our designers wanted to express in the Trio series.

    · Delicate Limba surface and unique thick Ayous core: The delicate Limba surface provides soft contact and control, and the thick core gives it the ability to actively finish the attack. (See below for details. )

    · 100% top quality raw materials: SANWEI guarantees that all raw materials for its production of table tennis blade are organic, safe and high-quality, which is friendly to the elderly and children.

    · Perfect craftmanship and fine polishing: You can see the perfect texture on the blade, clear and bright handle lens and bottom lens. (See below for the certification)

    · Superior Quality: All of our products are Thoroughly Tested by professional athletes before we ship them out to you. We simulated various extreme situations in the process of storage conditions and competition in the test.

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    $34.99 Select options

    ·Experience the ultimate in control with the Trio Series: Our designers must determine the main attribute of the blade before designing it. No doubt, perfect control is what our designers wanted to express through the Trio series.

    · Improved stability and directivity: The delicate limba surface and 5 layers of perfect thickness Ayous ensure unrivaled balance forehand/backhand as well as stability arc and directivity. (See below for details. )

    ·High-quality, organic raw materials: SANWEI ensures that all table tennis blades are made from safe, high-quality, and organic materials. This is a friendly guarantee for children and the elderly.

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    Froster PBO

    $169.00 Select options

    Line: Premium

    Layers: 5 wood + 2 carbon

    Fiber: PBO Fiber is equivalent to material “ZLC”

    Feel: Perfect

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    $119.99 Select options
    • New cold-pressing technology
    • Made by KOTO surface, Arylate-Carbon Fibre, and Kiri core
    • Fast Arc attack, Best Choice for Middle/Near Stage Player
    • Specially Color Scheme designed, aluminum Handle Lens
    • Free EVA wear-resistant hard case!

    Now Available.

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    $79.00 Select options
    • Inherited the SANWEI classic F3 Pro
    • Used Para-aramid fiber carbon, it looks like the ALC
    • Provided a feeling of softer and more control 
    • Had a state-of-the-art technology combined with the traditional mature classic structure
    • Designed for mature professional players
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    Accumulator C

    $39.90 Select options
    • 5 ply wood + 2 carbon
    • Carbon inside (LD Carbon)
    • Mid impact feeling
    • Mid speed
    • Suitable for Offensive Players
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    Accumulator S

    $18.99 Select options

    5 ply Pure wood

    Level: Training Level

    Structure: Ayus-Basswood-Kiri-Basswood-Ayus

    Playing style: Adapted to all-round playing style

    Thickness: 6.0mm ± 0.3mm

    Weight: 75gram ± 3gram

    The cheapest pure wood blade of Sanwei

    The Accumulator S will continue the legendary story of M8, and be more!

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    Accumulator J

    $29.99 Select options

    Texture: Premium

    Structure: 5ply pure wood – KOTO, Spruce, and Kiri Core

    Face: Top

    Feel: Perfect

    Target Audience: All People especially Beginners

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    Fextra One

    $59.99 Select options

    Fextra One is the upgrade version of the original Fextra, and it’s the very first blade as a starter of the whole new Fextra Series which is for the pure wood blades.

    It has three layers of Ayous in even thickness as a core.  Its 7 layers of the pure wood structure were designed in Japan and have been tested by the markets for years and optimized for times, as a result, it provides a good ability of control while not losing the steady feeling when hitting the ball.

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    Cannon Carbon

    $69.99 Select options

    The Cannon Carbon is the new Hi-Tech carbon blade proudly published by SANWEI

    With the new innovated carbon “Heavy Carbon“, the Cannon Carbon provides extremely beast-like first speed.

    “Heavy Carbon” is a new kind of carbon fibre innovated by SANWEI, it has a great density which contains great power, but not really heavy weight.

    People called SANWEI as Carbon specialist for a reason. Years of R&D makes SANWEI not only an expert in applying carbon in table tennis blade but also developed several world-class new materials.

    Cannon carbon as the very first blade applied Heavy Carbon, is a combination of classy design, perfect finishing and professional level performance!

    3 Ply + 2 Heavy Carbon structure, with thick hinoki surface and a 5.0 mm Kiri core. This structure is not only helped to control the weight but also release the speed from the material.

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    $69.99 Select options

    5 ply wood + 2 carbon

    Inner Kevlar carbon

    Offensive+ Mid impact feeling Mid speed

    Better power transmission by putting a paper-thin Birch layer between the surface and the carbon

    Not available in China

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    Multilayer Z

    $109.99 Select options

    Experience the ultimate speed and precision with Multilayer Z, the fastest table tennis blade on the market.

    Combining the power of 10-ply wood with 9 layers of carbon, this blade is designed to deliver unparalleled speed and control.

    With its LD Carbon technology, allround+ performance, mid-impact feeling, and mid-speed characteristics, the Multilayer Z is a game-changer for players seeking lightning-fast gameplay and exceptional performance.

    The highly performs of even structure characteristics, make also this blade could produce high-level topspin, making the ball getting bounce swiftly and violently.

    Read more about even Structure.

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