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    Verdi Inner

    $119.00 Select options
    1. VerdiX Fiber(Polyarylate Carbon Fiber)

    – Enhanced Control: By positioning the VerdiX Fiber on the third layer, the Verdi Inner offers improved control without sacrificing power. This strategic placement ensures that your shots are not only strong but also incredibly precise.

    1. Superior Core Construction

    – Kiri Core: The Verdi Inner retains the lightweight and durable paulownia wood core, providing quick response times and an agile feel essential for competitive play.

    – Ayous Reinforcement: Reinforced with ayous wood, the blade maintains stability and consistency, giving you confidence during intense rallies.

    – Limba Outer Ply: The outer layer features premium limba wood, known for its smooth, responsive surface, enhancing spin and touch for superior ball control and a satisfying feel on impact.

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    $119.00 Select options
    1. Verdix Fiber
      – Power & Control: The Verdi utilizes a unique blend of VerdiX Fiber(made of Polyarylate Carbon), delivering a perfect balance of strength and precision. This hybrid composition enhances your shots with powerful drives while maintaining exceptional control.
    2. Superior Core Construction
      Kiri Core: At the heart of the Verdi is a robust paulownia wood core, known for its lightweight and durable properties. This ensures quick response times and an agile feel.
      Ayous Reinforcement: The blade is reinforced with ayous wood, adding stability and consistency to every strike, helping you maintain precision during intense rallies.
      Limba Outer Ply: The outer layer features high-quality limba wood, providing a smooth and responsive surface for superior spin and touch. Limba is favored for its ability to enhance ball control and provide a crisp, satisfying feel on impact.
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    Froster PBO

    $169.00 Select options

    Line: Premium

    Layers: 5 wood + 2 carbon

    Fiber: PBO Fiber is equivalent to material “ZLC”

    Feel: Perfect

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    $109.00 Select options
    • New cold-pressing technology
    • Made by KOTO surface, Arylate-Carbon Fiber, and Kiri core
    • Fast Arc attack, Best Choice for Middle/Near Stage Player
    • Specially Color Scheme designed, aluminum Handle Lens
    • Free EVA wear-resistant hard case!

    Now Available.

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    $79.00 Select options
    • Inherited the SANWEI classic F3 Pro
    • Used Para-aramid fiber carbon, it looks like the ALC
    • Provided a feeling of softer and more control 
    • Had a state-of-the-art technology combined with the traditional mature classic structure
    • Designed for mature professional players
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    $69.99 Select options

    5 ply wood + 2 carbon

    Inner Kevlar carbon

    Offensive+ Mid impact feeling Mid speed

    Better power transmission by putting a paper-thin Birch layer between the surface and the carbon

    Not available in China

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    S1 – Kiso Hinoki

    $171.00 Select options

    SANWEI S1 – Super Kiso Hinoki blade!

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