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    Froster PBO

    $169.00 Select options
    • New Flagship blade of SANWEI
    • Using Military level PBO fiber
    • Weight center balanced, closer to hand
    • Newly released on Nov 2022
    • Top quality Table Tennis Blade designed for Professional players
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    $119.99 Select options
    • New cold-pressing technology
    • Made by KOTO surface, Arylate-Carbon Fibre, and Kiri core
    • Fast Arc attack, Best Choice for Middle/Near Stage Player
    • Specially Color Scheme designed, aluminum Handle Lens
    • Free EVA wear-resistant hard case!

    Now Available.

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    $79.00 Select options

    The Paramid is a blade that is optimized from SANWEI classic F3 Pro. As the major product of SANWEI Expert Carbon series blades, the fiber used in the Paramid is Para-aramid fiber carbon. It looks like the ALC, but the Para-aramid can providing a softer feeling. While you are hitting a ball, you can feel the blade is part of your body, you can feel the strength as well as everything is under control! Designed for mature professional players, the Paramid is more of a state of the art technology combined with the traditional mature classical structure. Solid and Confidence are the best words we believe to describe this blade!

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    $69.99 Select options
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    S1 – Kiso Hinoki

    $171.00 Select options

    SANWEI S1 – Super Kiso Hinoki blade!

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