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    F3 Bulldozer

    $79.99 Select options

    The F3 Bulldozer is developed by both Chinese and foreign national team players. By keeping the excellent structure of F3 PRO, its hardness enhanced surface reinforces the bottom strength, transfers furious spin to the ball until it bounds from the table, as strong as a bulldozer, to compensate the losing spin and speed caused by 40+ ball. Suitable for advanced players who has already basic training.

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    F3 Classic

    $67.99 Select options

    The F3 Classic is one of the best-selling blades for the last decade.
    Keep the same good performance as before when meeting the 40+ ball.
    The composition of each layer and attaching technique are all be optimized.
    Offer you an awesome spin and speed as it always does.
    A suitable weapon for quick Attack / Looping.

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    F1 Classic

    $69.99 Select options

    The first Carbon fiber blade of SANWEI, after 15 years adjustment and optimization, it’s the latest version composed by AL-Carbon, Ayous surface, and Kiri core, makes this F1 Classic be an outstanding choice for Quick attack / Looping play style.

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