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    Multilayer Z

    $109.99 Select options

    Multilayer Z is the flagship product of the Multilayer Series (even Structure).

    “Z” stands for the last alphabetical letter, the ultimate structure of even Structure! And no doubt that the performance is ultimate!

    With 10 plywood + 9 Carbons, the Multilayer Z is the most sophisticated blade in the world!

    As one of the most powerful blades among the even series of blades, this blade fulfilled with both hard and soft characteristics. Bring you more control over hand feeling, and also, the multilayer wood and carbon provide it with an increasing speed of the ball.
    The highly performs of even structure characteristic, make also this blade could produce high-level topspin, make the ball getting bounce swiftly and violently.

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    Multilayer C

    $99.99 Select options

    Multilayer C is the balance of cost performance for even Structure. Powerful base-strength.

    Easy to control and to make arc trajectory, stable, and offensive burst topspin.

    The even structure with a CORE layer in the middle brings the Multilayer C a unique character: Powerful as the even structure should be, and also stiff enough as the traditional structure with a core.

    This particular blade is absolutely designed for a professional player. If you feel need a better blade to win in the tournaments, this it is! Get one and start your training!

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    Multilayer W

    $69.99 Select options

    The Multilayer W is initiative even structure, and with the awesome looking.

    Strength could be more transferred, evenly from the bottom to the surface.

    It could be well controlled when you try.

    With soft touch feeling, offers to you stored power for mid-far table pulling loop.

    This 11 layers pure wood blade is also good for defense,

    Matched with long pimples rubber, brings to you a very comfortable playing experience.

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    Multilayer 1

    $69.99 Select options

    Multilayer 1 is the very first Even Structure blade, it has the most simple combination but it was still a very tough balance to achieve, after countless optimization, we finally have done it. And a new technology we put into this blade we call it “Pressure release”.
    The carbon sheet in the middle is bent and stretched to lay between the wood sheets next to it and release all its pressure and tension, what we get is wood and carbon combine as a whole core.

    The “Pressure release” system is the key to this blade! If you look closely at the mid carbon layer, you can notice that the carbon layer is a curved line!

    Why? The two layers besides of mid-layer carbon are the same material. Because the wood is a purely natural material, the tension inside is not even, somewhere is harder, somewhere is softer. This makes the mid-layer carbon curve and this makes the Multilayer 1 feels more even in playing!!!

    With the help of the “Pressure release” system, Multilayer 1 is able to control the ball location very precisely.

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