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    Multilayer Z

    $109.99 Select options

    Experience the ultimate speed and precision with Multilayer Z, the fastest table tennis blade on the market.

    Combining the power of 10-ply wood with 9 layers of carbon, this blade is designed to deliver unparalleled speed and control.

    With its LD Carbon technology, allround+ performance, mid-impact feeling, and mid-speed characteristics, the Multilayer Z is a game-changer for players seeking lightning-fast gameplay and exceptional performance.

    The highly performs of even structure characteristics, make also this blade could produce high-level topspin, making the ball getting bounce swiftly and violently.

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    Multilayer C

    $99.99 Select options

    9 ply wood + 8 carbon, carbon inside(soft carbon)

    Easy to control and to make arc trajectory, stable, and offensive burst topspin.

    The even structure with a CORE layer in the middle brings Multilayer C a unique character: Powerful as the even structure should be, and also stiff enough as the traditional structure with a core.

    This particular blade is absolutely designed for a professional player.

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    Multilayer W

    $69.99 Select options

    The Multilayer W is initiative even structure, and with the awesome looking.

    Strength could be more transferred, evenly from the bottom to the surface.

    11 ply Pure wood


    With a soft touch feeling, offers you stored power for a mid-far table pulling loop.

    This 11-layer pure wood blade is also good for defense.

    Matched with long pimples rubber, brings to you a very comfortable playing experience.

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    Multilayer 1

    $69.99 Select options

    4-ply wood + 3 carbon layers, Carbon inside (LD Carbon)  This unique structure provides an ideal balance of control, speed, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for all-round players.

    The carefully selected wood layers provide excellent feedback and responsiveness, enabling you to maintain control over the ball during intense rallies.

    Its balanced characteristics make it suitable for both offensive and defensive strategies.

    The blade’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and a natural feel in your hand.

    Elevate your game to new heights and unleash your true potential on the table.

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