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    Accumulator C

    $39.90 Select options

    Accumulator C is a table tennis blade for all purposes. The classic structure gives it a balanced character.
    As the training level table tennis blade, the Accumulator C is not only affordable also provide more than enough performance for the players.
    Upgraded from the classical SANWEI 502E blade. Elementary level carbon blade. Accumulator C is an excellent choice for beginners who want to try out a carbon table tennis blade.
    Affordable price with good performance!

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    Accumulator S

    $18.99 Select options

    The Accumulator S is upgraded from the legendary product SANWEI M8.

    Everything about the Accumulator S is designed for training.

    The handle is designed to be FL Thin by default. Suitable for kids with smaller hands!

    The total weight is around 75-80 grams. Focus on control but not speed. Help you to train with the right moves first!

    The Accumulator S will continue the legendary story of M8, and be more!

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    Accumulator J

    $29.99 Select options


    Accumulator J  is always the classic choice for entering into table tennis game after its launch of 15 years.

    The model is developed with experienced coaches and their students’ many times testing.

    The general characteristic is lighter, weaker vibration, comfortable touch the feeling of handles; makes this series to become a popular recommendation for numerous beginners.

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    $27.99 Select options

    C&C is a training level carbon blade, the Limba surface and carbon gives it a basic ability to play offensively, it suits the players who want to train their attacking skills.

    Though it is hard to believe, C&C is the best cost/performance blade ever. Regular structure with regular plywood, somehow makes it outstanding. Try it and you will find out the same!

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    $22.99 Select options

    CC is no longer in production and is upgraded to C&C.

    5ply+LD carbon

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    $19.99 Select options


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