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    Accumulator C

    $39.90 Select options
    • 5 ply wood + 2 carbon
    • Carbon inside (LD Carbon)
    • Mid impact feeling
    • Mid speed
    • Suitable for Offensive Players
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    Accumulator S

    $18.99 Select options

    5 ply Pure wood

    Level: Training Level

    Structure: Ayus-Basswood-Kiri-Basswood-Ayus

    Playing style: Adapted to all-round playing style

    Thickness: 6.0mm ± 0.3mm

    Weight: 75gram ± 3gram

    The cheapest pure wood blade of Sanwei

    The Accumulator S will continue the legendary story of M8, and be more!

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    Accumulator J

    $29.99 Select options

    Texture: Premium

    Structure: 5ply pure wood – KOTO, Spruce, and Kiri Core

    Face: Top

    Feel: Perfect

    Target Audience: All People especially Beginners

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    $27.99 Select options

    Level: Training Level

    Layers: 5 wood + 2 LD carbon

    Material: Limba Surface – Bass wood – Kiri Core

    Feel: Perfect

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    $22.99 Select options

    CC is no longer in production and is upgraded to C&C.

    5ply+LD carbon

  • Blades


    $19.99 Select options


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