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    H10 Hinoki

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    Soft feeling and great power are combined in the 8mm thick one ply Hinoki blade H10.

    It is recommended for the advanced player who pursues a powerful topspin strategy.

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    The M1 Kongno Hinoki blade is the perfect elegant combination of Kongno and Hinoki.

    Kongno timber comes from Sarawak Jungle, the density is higher than platane and lower than Ayous.

    Equipped with the Hinoki surface, makes this blade suitable for spin-based Attack style.

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    B1 Spotless White

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    The B1 Spotless White is the combination of dyed Ash wood of soft carbon.

    To keep the B1 in a perfect balance of hardness and control, the soft carbon is located next to the core. With the spruce of support layers, the B1 is not only hard, but also has enough tension.

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    L1 Chinese YEW


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    H5 Sandal wood


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    H3 Wenge

    3ply+2soft carbon

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    H1 Padauk

    5ply+2soft carbon

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