sandpaper ping pong paddle old photo

The history of Sandpaper ping pong paddle

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Sandpaper ping pong paddle’s debut

Sandpaper ping pong paddles ( Sandpaper bats), also known as sandpaper bats, were the original equipment used for playing table tennis. This paddle is made from sandpaper and has a rough surface. It’s used to give the ball spin. The origins of sandpaper ping pong paddles, can be traced back to England’s early 1900s.

sandpaper ping pong paddle old photo

How did make sandpaper bats popular ?

The Guardian reported that British players invented sandpaper ping pong paddles to enhance ball spin. During early table tennis days, players experimented with different paddles and balls. Some used unconventional materials such as cigar box lids or wood pieces with sandpaper glued to the surface. Sandpaper paddles gained wide popularity only in the 1920s. As table tennis grew, more players adopted sandpaper paddles, which eventually became official equipment. Despite their popularity, the rough paddle surface made ball control difficult, and players replaced them frequently.

19th century table tennis

The picture above is a ping pong bat from the 19th century, the player trying to increase table tennis racket traces for better friction, compared to the era when table tennis rubber was not invented, the sandpaper ping pong paddle was Very advanced.

Playing Sandpaper bat became independent as a dedicated sport

However, it wasn’t until the 1920s that sandpaper ping pong paddles became widely popular. As the sport grew in popularity, more players began using sandpaper ping pong paddles, and they were eventually adopted as the official independent sports branch of table tennis. The WCPP is the sport’s main event.

WCPP sandpaper ping pong paddle match

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WCPP sandpaper table tennis comp uses sandpaper bats & balls, as opposed to traditional rubber-based equipment. The competition attracts players from all over the world, who are looking to showcase their skills and compete against the best sandpaper table tennis players.

SANWEI and WCPP, are great partners!

WCPP sandpaper ping pong paddle is sponsor by sanwei

Sanwei has partnered with the World Championship of Ping Pong (WCPP) to provide their sandpaper ping pong paddles and balls for the tournament.

The partnership includes Sanwei as the official equipment sponsor of the WCPP, offering merchandise and promotional materials.

Players use Sanwei sandpaper bats and ABS HD 3 STARS balls in the match.

The collaboration aims to promote the tournament and the sport of table tennis.

All high-quality sandpaper ping pong paddles and balls of WCPP are Sandpaper bats and ABS HD 3 Stars balls sponsored by SANWEI respectively

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