Pistol Racket 9A-2




Pistol Racket:

Pistol Racket is the legendary product created by the founder of SANWEI over 20 years ago.

After 9 generations of continuous development, now we come to the latest generation. This generation contains two major versions: 9A and 9S. Both of them are not developed by us along. Tons of suggestions from our fans were taken into consideration. And to adapt to the needs of different fans, we published two branches, a complex handle 9A and a simpler symmetric handle 9S.

Pistol Racket 9A version:

The 9A inherit from the 9th generation, the complex and elegant handle design. And more:

  • The 9A added a 5mm handle piece on the front side. Enforced the solid grab feeling.
  • Canceled the index finger hole. Now the 9A design can use any rubber you want.
  • The holding angle turned up 5 degrees.
  • Thinner the back handle for 5mm. Now the holding position is closer to the center of the blade.
  • Optimized link structure below the fingers hole. Enlarge the hitting power over 7%.
  • Asymmetric design. Different choices for right and left-hand players.

Pistol Racket 9A-2:

The Pistol Racket 9A-2 is a 7 ply pure blade designed for the ALL+ kind of players.

This particular blade is designed for skillful players. The same structure as Fextra blade, but the different mechanical structures made the feeling different.

By using a unique 3-equal-thick-ayous layer instead of the traditional single-layer core, the force stays, but the control is better. Look at the positive feedbacks from Fextra, then you will know it.

  • Structure: 7 Ply
  • Surface: Ayous
  • Core: 3 Equal thick Ayous core
  • Carbon: NA

Pistol 9A-2 front picture
Pistol 9A-2 front picture
Pistol 9A-2 back picture
Pistol 9A-2 back picture
Pistol 9A-2 handle detail
Pistol 9A-2 handle detail
Pistol 9A-2 corner detail
Pistol 9A-2 corner detail
Pistol 9A-2 detail picture
Pistol 9A-2 detail picture


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