Gear Hyper




The Gear Hyper is the latest professional rubber we released in April 2020.

Gorgeous as it looks, but it is more than just good looking.

Pixel Treatment Technology

Providing high-quality friction as well as a long duration. The surface of Gear Hyper is not just a half sticky surface, it is specially treated. The roughness of the top sheet surface is elaborate and even.

As you can see on the surface, it is elegant!

Mid-hole cake sponge

The Mid-hole cake sponge provides an elastic as well as firm support to the top-sheet. With a harder sponge version, Gear Hyper is a powerful weapon for forehand attack, and with a mid/soft sponge version, the Gear Hyper can also perform a precious positioning shot. Mid-hold cake sponge is the perfect partner of the Pixel Treatment enhanced top-sheet.

There are three hardness options for Gear Hyper: 37/38/39.

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