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    TA-10 Andes Shadow

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    SANWEI TA-10 Andes Shadow, an indoor table tennis table featuring a black and orange color scheme. This table is designed for easy folding and mobility, with a 25mm perfect grip top optimized for the requirements of the new poly balls. The finer grains allow for more direct spin transmission and provide true rebound, enhancing durability. The smooth surface of the table facilitates smoother ball movement, improving the quality of play and the performance of table tennis players. Additionally, the smooth surface reduces irregular ball rebound, providing a more stable and reliable environment for competitions and training.

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    New Target National

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    · Combining the advantages of Chinese and European rubber: In addition to retaining the advantages of traditional Chinese top-sheet high viscosity and spin, combined with European style cake sponge, offering sustained and strong power.

    · SANWEI NANO surface-optimized technology: Designed for the 40+ era, it provides faster speed, more perfect sense of use and greater fault tolerance. (See below for details. )

    · 100% pure natural organic rubber: SANWEI guarantees that all its table tennis rubbers are made of natural rubber material, which has no peculiar smell and is friendly to the elderly and children.

    · ITTF Official Approved: It means you can use it in any match! (See below for the certification. )

    · Superior Quality: All of our SANWEI products are Thoroughly Tested by professional athletes before we ship them out to you. We simulated various extreme situations in the process of storage conditions and competition in the test.

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