• New cold-pressing technology
  • Made by KOTO surface, Arylate-Carbon Fibre, and Kiri core
  • Fast Arc attack, Best Choice for Middle/Near Stage Player
  • Specially Color Scheme designed, aluminum Handle Lens
  • Free EVA wear-resistant hard case!

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SANWEI Froster - A revolution in Arylate Carbon Table Tennis Blade

As the pioneering masterpiece of Expert-carbon series, Froster is an innovation and a new attempt of SANWEI in Arylate Carbon table tennis blade

Froster Banner

Froster sound test and specially designed handle sign

Why choose Arylate Carbon table tennis blade?

Arylate Carbon (also known as Kevlar), has many applications, ranging from bicycle tires and racing sails to Table Tennis Sport. by this measure it is five times stronger than steel. 

Froster blue arylated carbon is a composite of blue arylate and carbon fiber. It has the advantage of combining the toughness of the blue Arylate with the high Modulus of the carbon fiber. The composite fiber can be woven to increase ball holding time and rotation (compared to the pure carbon-added blades). This is technically balanced between elasticity and rotation.

ALC are thin carbon layers that are usually placed between wood layers. It is the carbon interlayer in the wood floor. This provides stronger strength and faster speeds, and also requires more professional skills. If you are an intermediate or beginner player, we recommend that you begin with our Training series blade


Why choose SANWEI ALC blade - Froster?

Measure the thickness of Froster PBO

1. Thickened tech

As Table Tennis Sport enters the era of 40+mm big balls, the ball will fly slower and rotate faster.  So SANWEI  thickened this table tennis blade and fiber materials are recommended to increase elasticity and maintain a degree of ball holding,

Composition of Froster blade

2. Innovative design wood layer

The Structure of Froster:

KOTO-Arylate Carbon(ALC)-Ayous-Kiri 

Koto surface wood can be described as a hard and neutral wood. This wood is used to make the ball spin faster and provides a better vibration sense.

Ayous, a wood that is more neutral in wood transverse force wood is used for the Nordic board-making technology. Ayous can be used to balance the feel of hand and support, which is why it is called force wood.

As for the core, we use the traditional Kiri core to lower impact.

Composition of Froster blade
Diapositiva anterior
Diapositiva siguiente

3. Special  color scheme

  • The new color scheme for the handle  is a Feast for the eye 
  • Collection grade aluminum gradient color handle label, excellent feel!

  • Silky edging: smooth edges for the whole  blade, excellent overall shape!

4. Coming along with a  same design inspiration hard case

  • Zipper closure for easy access
  • Hard EVA material box, wear-resistant and  protection your blade against the tide
  • Large advanced snowflake screen printing
  • It can hold 4 pcs balls and 1 table tennis blade 

Review of this blade:


Froster FL Handle Front
Froster FL Handle Front
Froster FL Handle Back
Froster FL Handle Back
Froster FL Handle Bottem Detail
Froster FL Handle Bottem Detail
Froster FL Handle Detail
Froster FL Handle Detail

Technical Specification: 

Material/Structure5 Ply + 2 Arylate-Carbon
First speed11
Second speed11
Player typeLoop Attack
Playing StyleOFF+
Handle TypeFL/CS/ST/AN/FL Thin
FL Size259 x 150
CS Size240 x 150


Dimensiones300 × 200 × 62 mm
Handle Type






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