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Accumulator J


Texture: Premium

Structure: 5ply pure wood – KOTO, Spruce, and Kiri Core

Face: Top

Feel: Perfect

Target Audience: All People especially Beginners

Accumulator J - The best 5 ply blade table tennis wood

The Perfect Combination of Offense, Control, Spin, Power, and Stability

This best 5 ply wood blade table tennis wood for training Accumulator J is a classic choice for players who are new to the game of table tennis. This blade is a popular recommendation for numerous beginners, and with the right technique, it is more than sufficient for the first 9 months of training.

“The Kiri core, which is 5.0mm thick, offers excellent power without adding unnecessary weight. When combined with the Koto surface, it provides a solid feeling upon impact with the ball. Additionally, the handle is well-polished, providing a comfortable touch.”

The red AQJ - table tennis wood

The Radiance in the Darkness - Accumulator J

The structure of 5 ply table tennis pure wood blade Accumulator J is KoTo, Spruce, and Kiri Core.

Designed for ultimate control and to deliver a fatal blow, the best allround table tennis blade AQJ has experienced numerous tests by professional athletes to achieve the SANWEI Training series — AQJ.🏓

Spruce is the best wood for ping pong paddle and Accumulator J is a perfectible and affordable blade table tennis wood for training especially control, speed, and spin. It always gives people the correct counterattack answer. 

The Black Poser of AQJ

Accumulator J will be one of the best 5 Ply table tennis wood and allround table tennis blade

This table tennis blade is incredibly affordable, making it accessible to players of all levels. With a thickness of approximately 7mm and a weight of 75g, it offers excellent stability and control.

When utilizing this blade, you’ll experience exceptional speed, precision, and counterattacking capabilities, which are quite remarkable. The best 5 ply all wood construction further elevates its performance, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a versatile and best allround table tennis blade.

Data Sheet of the best 5 ply all wood and allround table tennis blade - AQJ

Technical Specifications:

First speed8.5
Second speed7
Player typeFast speed
Playing StyleOFF+
Handle TypeFL/CS/ST/AN/FL Thin
FL Size259 x 150
CS Size240 x 150


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Peso0.4 kg
Dimensões250 × 170 × 35 mm
Handle Type



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