• Blades

    Froster PBO

    $169.00 Select options
    • New Flagship blade of SANWEI
    • Using Military level PBO fiber
    • Weight center balanced, closer to hand
    • Newly released on Nov 2022
    • Top quality Table Tennis Blade designed for Professional players
  • Blades


    $119.99 Select options
    • New cold-pressing technology
    • Made by KOTO surface, Arylate-Carbon Fibre, and Kiri core
    • Fast Arc attack, Best Choice for Middle/Near Stage Player
    • Specially Color Scheme designed, aluminum Handle Lens
    • Free EVA wear-resistant hard case!

    Now Available.

  • Rubbers

    Best table tennis rubber SANWEI Target National

    $49.99 Select options

    · Combining the advantages of Chinese and European rubber: In addition to retaining the advantages of traditional Chinese top-sheet high viscosity and spin, combined with European style cake sponge, offering sustained and strong power.

    · SANWEI NANO surface-optimized technology: Designed for the 40+ era, it provides faster speed, more perfect sense of use and greater fault tolerance. (See below for details. )

    · 100% pure natural organic rubber: SANWEI guarantees that all its table tennis rubbers are made of natural rubber material, which has no peculiar smell and is friendly to the elderly and children.

    · ITTF Offitial Approved: It means you can use it in any match! (See below for the certification. )

    · Superior Quality: All of our SANWEI products are Thoroughly Tested by professional athletes before we ship them out to you. We simulated various extreme situations in the process of storage conditions and competition in the test.

  • Blades


    $79.00 Select options

    The Paramid is a blade that is optimized from SANWEI classic F3 Pro. As the major product of SANWEI Expert Carbon series blades, the fiber used in the Paramid is Para-aramid fiber carbon. It looks like the ALC, but the Para-aramid can providing a softer feeling. While you are hitting a ball, you can feel the blade is part of your body, you can feel the strength as well as everything is under control! Designed for mature professional players, the Paramid is more of a state of the art technology combined with the traditional mature classical structure. Solid and Confidence are the best words we believe to describe this blade!

  • ABS Seam Ball

    ABS HD

    $7.99 Add to cart


    Leading the balls new trends!


    3 balls/box

  • Blades

    Accumulator C

    $39.90 Select options

    Accumulator C is a table tennis blade for all purposes. The classic structure gives it a balanced character.
    As the training level table tennis blade, the Accumulator C is not only affordable also provide more than enough performance for the players.
    Upgraded from the classical SANWEI 502E blade. Elementary level carbon blade. Accumulator C is an excellent choice for beginners who want to try out a carbon table tennis blade.
    Affordable price with good performance!

  • Accessories

    Water Glue

    $9.90 Add to cart

    SANWEI Water based glue. VOC Free.


    Sponge and clip are included.

  • Blades

    Accumulator S

    $18.99 Select options

    The Accumulator S is upgraded from the legendary product SANWEI M8.

    Everything about the Accumulator S is designed for training.

    The handle is designed to be FL Thin by default. Suitable for kids with smaller hands!

    The total weight is around 75-80 grams. Focus on control but not speed. Help you to train with the right moves first!

    The Accumulator S will continue the legendary story of M8, and be more!

  • Blades

    Accumulator J

    $29.99 Select options


    Accumulator J  is always the classic choice for entering into table tennis game after its launch of 15 years.

    The model is developed with experienced coaches and their students’ many times testing.

    The general characteristic is lighter, weaker vibration, comfortable touch the feeling of handles; makes this series to become a popular recommendation for numerous beginners.

  • Gear

    Gear Hyper

    $49.99 Select options

    The new GEAR Hyper is a combination of European type top-sheet and mousse texture cake sponge in different hardness. The top-sheep could assure outstanding surface tension and grasp ability, and the sponge creates firm and direct feedback. A new attaching technique is also used in the rubber which makes little loss of energy when transferring from the sponge to top-sheet. This rubber offers enough energy when doing active/passive attacking and looping, and provides a good tolerance of fault and help to reduce unforced error.

  • Blades

    Fextra One

    $59.99 Select options

    Fextra One is the upgrade version of the original Fextra, and it’s the very first blade as a starter of the whole new Fextra Series which is for the pure wood blades.

    It has three layers of Ayous in even thickness as a core.  Its 7 layers of the pure wood structure were designed in Japan and have been tested by the markets for years and optimized for times, as a result, it provides a good ability of control while not losing the steady feeling when hitting the ball.

  • ABS Seam Ball


    $8.99 Add to cart




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