SANWEI Sport is a professional table tennis brand since 1993.

From the very beginning, SANWEI is aiming to provide the best quality/price products to the players, to help more players getting into table tennis sports without worrying the budget.

After decades of development, SANWEI now is a professional brand that covers all table tennis equipment, from blade to tables, from beginning to professional. No matter what level you are in or what style you are playing, you could always find the suitable gear here from SANWEI.

SANWEI has 3 divisions and a table tennis club:

  • Headquarters: Bejing, China
  • International Marketing Department: Tianjin, China
  • Factory: Hebei, China
  • SANWEI Club: Beijing, China

If you want to contact us, please leave the messages on Conatct Us page.

For applying for an official distributor, please refer to the Distributor Application page.

SANWEI since 1993
SANWEI since 1993
SANWEI Divisions
SANWEI Factory
SANWEI Factory
SANWEI Table Tennis Club
SANWEI Table Tennis Club

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