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Accumulator C


  • 5 ply wood + 2 carbon
  • Carbon inside (LD Carbon)
  • Mid impact feeling
  • Mid speed
  • Suitable for Offensive Players

Accumulator C - The best table tennis blade for control and spin in training.

At an affordable price point,  Accumulator C is the best table tennis blade for control and spin which makes it the perfect choice for players looking to improve their games without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a beginner or an expensive player, this carbon blade table tennis in training is sure to help you take your skills to the next level.

One of the key features of the best table tennis blade for control and spin, Accumulator C  is its ability to generate powerful top spin shots. With its specially designed rubber and blade combination, the best carbon ping pong blade allows players to put a maximum spin on the ball, making it difficult for opponents to return. Whether you’re playing defensively or offensively, the defensive and this offensive ping pong blade gives you the control and spin you need to dominate the game. Compared to yasaka ma lin extra offensive penhold,  Accumulator C has advantages in price, sense of control, and speed.

Accumulator C is a top spin ping pong blade

But this carbon blade table tennis isn’t just about offense and spin. It also offers excellent control, allowing players to make precise shots with ease. Whether you’re playing close to the table or from a distance, this blade gives you the confidence you need to make every shot count. So Accumulator C is the best ping pong blade for training.

The structure of the best table tennis blade for control and spin is 5ply wood and 2ply carbon.

Desgined for top spin, offensive and control,  this blade has experienced numerous tests by professional athletes to achieve the SANWEI Training series — Accumulator C.🏓 

Accumulator C is the best ping pong paddle for spin

We hoped Accumulator C to be one of the best ping pong paddle for spin

Upgraded from the classical SANWEI 502E blade.  As a top spin ping pong blade, Accumulator C is an excellent choice for beginners who want to try out a carbon blade table tennis. Affordable price with good performance!  

if you’re looking to master the top spin and other offensive techniques in table tennis, the best ping pong paddle for spin blade is the perfect choice. With its affordable price point, excellent control and spin, and professional-level design, this blade is sure to help you take your game to the next level. So why wait? Order your Sanwei training blade today and start dominating the competition!

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Data Sheet of the top spin ping pong blade— Accumulator C

Technical Specifications:

Material/Structure5PLY+2 Carbonized Wood
First Speed9.5
Second speed9.0
Playing StyleOFF
Handle TypeFL/CS/ST/AN/FL Thin
FL Size259 x 150
CS Size240 x 150

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Peso0.3 kg
Dimensões250 × 170 × 35 mm
Handle Type







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