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    King of Carbon – T1091A

    $149.99 Select options

    Patent Technology

    The world’s first 10-ply 9 carbon blade, applying the configuration of initiative Domino Balance theory. This structure will produce slightly deformation when receiving the ball, deeply store the ball’s energy then release it like an arrow shooting from a bow; creates powerful spin and fast-advancing speed based on relatively easy control. A great choice for Loop/Strong Attack player who wants to find out another experience and possibility.

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    King of Hinoki Carbon – T1091AA

    $249.99 Select options

    A combination of premium Hinoki and King of Carbon, to profit two strong points of both factors. Glorious, honourable, the best choice for advanced level players.

  • Blades

    BY1091 even

    $69.99 Select options

    BY-1091 is the most powerful blade among Even series, using 10 layers different wood sheets to match 9 layers soft carbon, that makes this model contains both hard and soft characteristics. When hitting fiercely to the blade, the hard feature could increase the departing speed of ball; when stroke close to the table, the soft feature could create more time of ball’s compression, to produce high-level topspin then make the ball getting bounce swiftly and violently from the table to the opponent. This is an absolutely necessary choice for playing 40+ new plastic balls.

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    LY1091 even

    $89.99 Select options

    Adding 9 layers carbon alternately into 10 layers wood, while keeping the initiative Even structure, the LY 1091 blade’s production process still adopts Eco-friendly adhesive to make an upgraded combination of carbon, glue and wood sheet, enhances the power for both the first speed (from blade to table) and the second speed (from table to opponent), a very suitable blade for attacking new plastic 40+ ball.

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