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    HC Speed Light

    $79.99 Select options

    5 Ply wood + 2 carbon , Hinoki Surface +  2 LD Carbon + Kiri Core

    Hinoki feels different from other materials at that point. So, you can make an effective topspin shot even though you hit the ball very lightly. The ball follows the blade, and it goes very slowly, but with a big spin, and it looks that really flies too slow to be visible.

    Designed to take your game to new heights with its exceptional speed, lightweight construction, and superior control.

  • Blades

    LD Light

    $44.99 Select options

    5ply+2LD carbon

    KOTO surface, Balsa core plus 2 pcs of hard carbon

     High-performance for Topspin Attack style

    Adapts to 40+ ball effects

    LD light technology enhances touch and feel

     Affordable price for beginners

  • Blades

    Feather Carbon

    $89.99 Select options

    Fast speed & super lightweight are the characteristics of the Feather Carbon blade.

    The LD carbon is only weaving vertically into the fiber area which influences principally the speed of balls attacking.

    This kind of structure could lose the weight of the blade while still keeping the same fast of playing.

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