• Blades

    HC Speed Light

    $79.99 Select options

    Hinoki Surface +  2 LD Carbon + Kiri Core

    5 Ply


  • Blades

    LD Light

    $44.99 Select options

    5ply+2LD carbon

    KOTO surface, Balsa core plus 2 pcs of hard carbon
    sheets, suitable for Topspin based Attack style.

    In order to adapt to the negative effect of weakening spin and speed, caused by adopting new material 40+ ball.

    Equipped with this new factor, LD light, with very
    reasonable price could help beginners getting familiar with 40+ ball faster and enjoying the fresh touch feeling of carbon blade.

  • Blades

    Feather Carbon

    $89.99 Select options

    Fast speed & super lightweight are the characteristics of the Feather Carbon blade.

    The LD carbon is only weaving vertically into the fiber area which influences principally the speed of balls attacking.

    This kind of structure could lose the weight of the blade while still keeping the same fast of playing.

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