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    · The ultimate control experience brought by the Trio series: Before designing the blade, our designers need to determine its main attribute, and no doubt,perfect control is what our designers wanted to express in the Trio series.

    · Delicate Limba surface and unique thick Ayous core: The delicate Limba surface provides soft contact and control, and the thick core gives it the ability to actively finish the attack. (See below for details. )

    · 100% top quality raw materials: SANWEI guarantees that all raw materials for its production of table tennis blade are organic, safe and high-quality, which is friendly to the elderly and children.

    · Perfect craftmanship and fine polishing: You can see the perfect texture on the blade, clear and bright handle lens and bottom lens. (See below for the certification)

    · Superior Quality: All of our products are Thoroughly Tested by professional athletes before we ship them out to you. We simulated various extreme situations in the process of storage conditions and competition in the test.

  • Blades


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    ·Experience the ultimate in control with the Trio Series: Our designers must determine the main attribute of the blade before designing it. No doubt, perfect control is what our designers wanted to express through the Trio series.

    · Improved stability and directivity: The delicate limba surface and 5 layers of perfect thickness Ayous ensure unrivaled balance forehand/backhand as well as stability arc and directivity. (See below for details. )

    ·High-quality, organic raw materials: SANWEI ensures that all table tennis blades are made from safe, high-quality, and organic materials. This is a friendly guarantee for children and the elderly.

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