The back of Parla - ping pong blade
The Front of Parla - ping pong equipment
The profile of a new ping pong blade
The FL of Parla - all wood ping pong blade



·Experience the ultimate in control with the Trio Series: Our designers must determine the main attribute of the blade before designing it. No doubt, perfect control is what our designers wanted to express through the Trio series.

· Improved stability and directivity: The delicate limba surface and 5 layers of perfect thickness Ayous ensure unrivaled balance forehand/backhand as well as stability arc and directivity. (See below for details. )

·High-quality, organic raw materials: SANWEI ensures that all table tennis blades are made from safe, high-quality, and organic materials. This is a friendly guarantee for children and the elderly.

Parla - The best all-wood ping pong blade in the world

All wood ping pong blade - Parla
  • Smooth and Responsive: The new all-wood ping pong blade feels fantastic and can rebound very well after hitting a ball. This ping pong equipment is very efficient.
  • Sniper and Shooter:  You can use Parla as combat ping pong equipment to make precise snipers and hit the enemy with just one hit. This ping pong blade will help overcome any obstacles or hurdles life may throw at you.

  • Sturdy and StrongAll-wood Table Tennis Equipment, One Racket for Life.

Trio series released: The most recent all-wood table tennis blade

Sanwei sport has now officially released the best ping pong blade – Parla of  Trio Series.  

Every corner of the world has a melody, rhythm, and emotion. This ability can be achieved with an excellent all-wood ping pong blade. Each serve has had a person follow the ball.

Echo and Parla, both new all-wood ping pong equipment from the Trio series are now available. Parla is a unique and exceptional product.

7-ply all-wood table tennis blade Parla is made from limba, ayous, ayous, ayous. The color of the print on the blade is black.

 Hoped Parla can take to you joyfully

The detail of Parla - A new all wood table tennis blade

This all-wood ping pong equipment’s handle has the color white, red, and grey. It also contains a Sanwei sport len-mark and a bottom-lens.

The handle of this ping pong blade is very bright and flashy. Likewise, table tennis enthusiasts have the option to select ping pong equipment with different specifications, as the handle of Parla comes in three versions: FL/ST, and CS.

This is the best all-wood table tennis blade and knife for control and spin. It also allows players who excel at loop-attack, intermediate, and mid-stage to take on ride after ride in their lives.

The best ping pong equipment on the table tennis court - Why Parla?

Data Sheet of the best 7-ply all-wood blade — Parla

The weight of Parla- a new ping pong

Structure: 7 Ply All wood ping pong blade

Weight: 85g+/- 5.0g

Thickness: 5.9mm+/-0.2 mm

The thickness of all wood ping pong blade - Parla

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