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    Fextra One

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    Fextra One is the upgrade version of the original Fextra, and it’s the very first blade as a starter of the whole new Fextra Series which is for the pure wood blades.

    It has three layers of Ayous in even thickness as a core.  Its 7 layers of the pure wood structure were designed in Japan and have been tested by the markets for years and optimized for times, as a result, it provides a good ability of control while not losing the steady feeling when hitting the ball.

  • 2017 Classic Pure Wood

    FEXTRA Allround

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    5 ply all wood table tennis blade

    The Fextra Allround is a Lite version of Fextra.

    After the great success of Fextra, we decided to move on to expand this product family! Fextra Allround inherits the balanced feeling from Fextra and increases the control pattern to make it like its name: Allround.

    Compare with Fextra, Fextra Allround provided a lower speed however a more precise position control. A positional shot is a way to win a point by using Fextra Allround. Controllable but not weak, this is how we describe it!

  • 2017 Classic Pure Wood


    $43.99 Select options

    The Fextra is no longer in production. It is now upgraded to Fextra One.

    FEXTRA is a handmade 7 ply pure wood blade.

    Laminated by initiative attaching technique.

    Offer a steady hand-feeling and compensate the control ability to the player who’s weak on this skill.

    The 3 middle wood-layers reflect clearly the reaction of force and counterforce.

    It helps the blade to release fast feedback to the coming ball.

    The carefully selected wood-layer will easily bring to you the high quality quick attacking looping effect.

    FEXTRA is a classic blade with great comprehensive property in a 40+ period.

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