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    King of Hinoki Carbon – T1091AA

    $249.99 Select options

    A combination of premium Hinoki and King of Carbon, to profit two strong points of both factors. Glorious, honourable, the best choice for advanced level players.

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    $27.99 Select options

    C&C is a training level carbon blade, the Limba surface and carbon gives it a basic ability to play offensively, it suits the players who want to train their attacking skills.

    Though it is hard to believe, C&C is the best cost/performance blade ever. Regular structure with regular plywood, somehow makes it outstanding. Try it and you will find out the same!

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    $94.99 Select options

    The Two Face is equipped with a completely different structure on two sides of the blade.
    Two-Face could offer a sharp contrast between the offensive side and the defensive side.
    3K carbon and Balsa wood on the offensive side, Hinoki and Ayous on the defensive side.
    Bring to you both clear touch feeling and persistent control.

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    $69.99 Select options


    Adding high intensity ALC fiber in popular structure,combing
    with Ayous core,which offers this competitive blade power
    and good shot-feeling with repulsive force,and also makes
    deeper sweet-spot in it.

  • Tables

    TA-10 ANDES

    $779.00 Buy product
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    $59.99 Select options

    No matter for the sustained rally or for delicate close table
    the attack, the Model HC-5 could both keep great performance;
    the inserted soft carbon makes this blade to achieve a
    the stable balance of offensive and defensive effect.

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    S1 – Kiso Hinoki

    $171.00 Select options

    SANWEI S1 – Super Kiso Hinoki blade!

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    V5 PRO

    $64.99 Select options


    By keeping the outstanding factor of original V5,
    the new V5 surface is replaced by hard ASH wood,
    which helps to increase attacking speed. Adjusting
    original 3.3mm core to 3.5mm, increasing power
    and elasticity. A better choice for Quick attack/Loop
    (Special design handle, made by brand-new sticker
    shaping production technique.)

  • Rubbers

    T88-III Double Kit

    $11.50 Add to cart

    After many times testing with teenage players and beginners, SANWEI developed this rubber together with experienced coaches.

    Containing one red and one black rubber, this kit is suitable for primary level players to use, easy to control, performs great for both forehand and backhand; combing with blade Accumulator S / Accumulator J, complete training racket is ready for playing based on very reasonable expense.

  • Rubbers

    Taiji Light Version

    $13.99 Select options

    Taiji Light Version is optimized from the original Taiji. The top sheet has the SANWEI traditional half sticky surface, which has been tested for many years and used on many products and found a balance between speed and spin. In order to meet the demand for more agile movement, we made a special “Air Sponge” for it. As the result, the rubber got rid of some weight and still remain its allround character.

  • 2017 Classic Pure Wood

    FEXTRA Allround

    $39.99 Select options

    The Fextra Allround is a Lite version of Fextra.

    After the great success of Fextra, we decided to move on to expand this product family! Fextra Allround inherits the balanced feeling from Fextra and increases the control pattern to make it like its name: Allround.

    Compare with Fextra, Fextra Allround provided a lower speed however a more precise position control. A positional shot is a way to win a point by using Fextra Allround. Controllable but not weak, this is how we describe it!

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    HC Speed Light

    $79.99 Select options

    Hinoki Surface +  2 LD Carbon + Kiri Core

    5 Ply


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