We came! In Kuala Lumpur! In WTTC!

Last year we were at Suzhou China, and this year WTTC goes to the charming Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. After one year, the great WTTC started again, and we will be in Kuala Lumpur waiting for your visit!

This year in WTTC, SANWEI owns 2 great big exhibition stands! And the 5 Chinese brands group shown in WTCC 2016. We are not only presenting our latest pounding products, and our remarkable progress in Industry 4.0 achievements – next-generation manufacturing technologies!

Last year in Suzhou, we presented the TARGET NATIONAL rubber to the world and got great positive feedback all around the world. And this year, we will proudly present our [40+ Seamless ball] and other dozens of new products!

After 15 years of adjusting and testing, our F series now upgrade to the new versions – F1 Classic and F3 Classic. The two blades not only upgrade to outstanding looking also the upgrade 20% performance, especially for 40+ time.

The brand new HC (Hinoki Carbon) series with high-end Hinoki handle and aluminum lens, is the first blades series in the history using the Aluminum lens. The HC series designed with environment protection conception, using A++ Class Hinoki which riched in hinoki oil. The unforgettable smelling is not only good for health, and also make player concentrate on games more, feels like playing inside the forest.

The F3 Bullozer super blade is the brand new model on 2016, developed with national players. With the perfect structure of F3 Pro, changed for harder surface bring F3 Bulldozer higher 2nd Speed. The blade has as much power as a bulldozer, to increase the speed and spin even using 40+ balls. The F3 Bulldozer fits to the professional players more.

The updated C series, with fashion design and revolutionary LD carbon, help beginner players increase their skill faster. The C series is designed to high cost-performance. Make sure more players can enjoy the carbon feeling.

The Two Face has an unique structure that two different materials and structures on two sides. The different structures on two sides can bring an identical feeling of attacking and defending. The attacking side using 3K carbon and Balsa wood, the defensive side using Hinoki and Ayous. The Two Face is a super blade combined with strength and stability together.

Other pictures:

Xuxin and Fanzhendong are signing on SANWEI blades.
Exhibition area

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