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    Sandpaper Bat/ Sandpaper ping pong paddle

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    • We are official designated sandpaper ping pong paddle of WCPP: SANWEI sandpaper bat is the official ping pong bat of WCPP, sponsored World Championship of Ping Pong 2020 & World Ping Pong Masters 2021!  (See below for details. )
    • High- quality material: Made of 7 ply all wood with a straight handle,surface with industrial level sandpaper! (See below for details. )
    • Professional processing: Sanding makes the edges less sharp and gives the handle a more textured feel.
    • Superior product support: All of  SANWEI products are Thoroughly Tested by professional athletes before we ship them out to you. We simulated various extreme situations in the process of storage conditions and competition in the test.
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