Accumulator S


5 ply Pure wood

Level: Training Level

Structure: Ayus-Basswood-Kiri-Basswood-Ayus

Playing style: Adapted to all-round playing style

Thickness: 6.0mm ± 0.3mm

Weight: 75gram ± 3gram

The cheapest pure wood blade of Sanwei

The Accumulator S will continue the legendary story of M8, and be more!

The feature of the best all wood blade ping pong for table tennis players - Accumulator S

[5-ply Pure Wood Construction]: The best all wood blade ping pong is made from Ayous – Basswood – Kiri – Basswood – Ayous, offering a perfect balance of control and power.

[Allround Playing Style]: The blade is adapted to suit allround playing styles, catering to both defensive and aggressive players.

[Mid Impact Feeling and Mid Speed]: Provides a balanced feel and speed, allowing players to execute shots with precision and accuracy.

[FL Thin Grip for Children]: Designed with a thin grip specially tailored for young players, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold.

[Exceptional Value]: The Accumulator-S Training Blade is the most affordable pure wood blade in Sanwei’s range, offering unbeatable value without compromising on quality.

[Ideal for Training]: The blade is specifically designed for training purposes, helping players enhance their skills, improve consistency, and develop a solid foundation.

[Precise Thickness and Weight]: With a thickness of 6.0mm ± 0.3mm and a weight of 75 grams ± 3 grams, the blade strikes a perfect balance between control, maneuverability, and stability.

[Durability and Longevity]: The Ayous – Basswood – Kiri – Basswood – Ayous construction ensures the blade’s durability, allowing it to withstand rigorous training sessions and provide consistent performance over time.

[Not Available in China]: The Accumulator-S Training Blade is exclusively available outside of China, offering international players a unique and high-quality training tool.

These key features highlight the blade’s construction, playing style adaptability, grip design for children, affordability, training suitability, precise thickness and weight, durability, and international availability.

Detail Showcase of best blade table tennis wood - Accumulator S

Perfect Fit for Young Players:  We understand the importance of providing young players with the right tools to nurture their talents. That’s why the Accumulator-S comes with FL thin grip specially designed for children. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure grip, allowing young players to focus on their technique and unleash their potential. With this blade, young talents can develop their skills, build confidence, and lay a solid foundation for a successful table tennis journey.

Unleash Your Skills with Optimal Control:   The Ayous – Basswood – Kiri – Basswood – Ayous construction of the Accumulator-S Training Blade offers an outstanding combination of control and power. The carefully selected layers of wood create a harmonious balance that allows you to execute precise shots with ease. Whether you’re a defensive player, an aggressive attacker, or a well-rounded allrounder, this blade adapts to your playing style, providing the control you need to dominate the game. Gain confidence in your strokes, deliver accurate placements, and achieve a new level of consistency in your gameplay.

Precision and Consistency in Every Stroke:  The precise thickness of the Accumulator-S Training Blade, set at 6.0mm ± 0.3mm, strikes the perfect balance between control and speed. This optimal thickness allows you to execute shots with precision, maintain excellent ball control, and react swiftly to your opponent’s moves. With a weight of 75 grams ± 3 grams, this blade offers a harmonious blend of maneuverability and stability, providing you with the confidence to play your best game. Experience the joy of consistent performance and unlock your true potential with the Accumulator-S Training Blade.

Reviews: best all wood ping pong blade for kid - Accumulator S

Technical Specifications:

First speed8.5
Second speed7
Player typeFast speed
Playing StyleOFF+
Handle TypeFL/CS/ST/AN/FL Thin
FL Size259 x 150
CS Size240 x 150

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Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions250 × 170 × 35 mm
Handle Type



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