TAIJI-PLUS rubber sponge,best tale tenis rubber.
TAIJI-PLUS red rubber for control and speed.the best table tennis rubber.
TAIJI-PLUS black rubber for control and speed.the best table tennis rubber.



· Lightweight and Easy to Control: SANWEI TAIJI-PLUS 2023 is designed to be lightweight, allowing players to have better control over their racket and improve accuracy and stability in their shots.(See below for details. )
· Excellent elasticity: The use of a yellow sponge with small pores gives TAIJI-PLUS rubber exceptional elasticity and rebound.
· Half-sticky rubber Surface: The rubber surface of TAIJI-PLUS has a Chinese-style half-tacky surface, which has a lower viscosity, allowing the racket to separate from the ball quickly and generate faster ball speeds. This makes TAIJI-PLUS ideal for players who prefer fast attacking and quick looping shots.
· Designed for players who prefer to pursue backhand control or use a light racket for fast breaks: SANWEI TAIJI-PLUS 2023 is specifically designed for those looking for consistent backhand control or players who use a lightweight racquet for fast breaks. It can help these players provide stable quality backhand transitions while helping them quickly connect to high-quality forehand attacks. (See below for details. )

Super light large hole cake sponge!

We replaced the high-density sponge of the old version of Taiji Plus with an ultra-light cake sponge with a large hole, which makes your racket lighter and more flexible to perform backhand movements. The large holes in the sponge provide the perfect elastic potential energy when the ball hits the top sheet.

Taiji Plus Version is optimized from the original Taiji. The top sheet has the SANWEI traditional half-sticky surface, which has been tested for many years and used on many products and found a balance between speed and spin. On the premise of keeping its all-around character, we gave it more ability to attack by attaching the top sheet to a more powerful “Super light Charged Sponge”.

“Super light Charged Sponge” means the sponge is lighter, and they has more elastic potential energy.

After many times of testing, this rubber with the “ Super Light Charged Sponge” could give you clear force feedback and smooth transfer of power, which makes the speed of the ball from blade to table ( first speed) perform as well as German-made rubber. Taiji Plus contains tension inside, after attaching with inorganic glue, it could have a great success rate of getting on board, a lightweight and stable effect on backhand playing.

Designed for what kind of players


1. Players who have strict requirements on the accuracy of the backhand: allow them to perform various technical movements of the backhand lightly on any range of the table, and can hit the target perfectly.

2. Forehand Fastball players: Quick-attack players are known to love a light racket and hit fast and powerful shots. The lightweight Taiji Plus 2023 on the backhand allows you to equip your forehand with any weight of powerful rubber, and the perfect backhand control allows you to easily transition from backhand to forehand for a fatal blow.

The upgrade points of Taiji Plus 2023 are as follows
1. Lightweight Cake Sponge: The new yellow cake sponge has a lightweight design to make the table tennis rubbers lighter.

2. Enhanced ball retention and stable rebound: The yellow cake sponge has good ball retention and easy-to-deform characteristics to give full play to the rebound, allowing players to feel the power and elasticity of the backboard.

3. Soft texture and faithful feel: The new sponge has a softer texture, giving players a realistic feel and providing better control and comfort.

Data Sheet of table tennis rubber

Model:  T88-TAIJI  2023

Top-Sheet: Half-Sticky

Sponge: Big Hole Cake Sponge

Style: Recommend for Backhand

Sponge Thickness
2.0 mm
Half Sticky

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