Review: SANWEI Target Europe 40+ FX

Notes for TARGET 40+ EUROPE FX: Tackiness is low, no need for break-in. Adaptation is necessary when coming from high arc rubbers such as Tenergy 05. This rubber produces a lower arc and the throw is a bit lower than Tenergy 05. It works well if you have a strong technique: playing with fully developed.

Movements and with forwarding momentum into the ball. Small game: very predictable and precise. The rubber is capable of absorbing the opponent’s spin, serve returns are fantastic, blocking topspins is easy (allows to take control over the opponent’s spin) – and yet adding your own spin is fully possible! When playing with full confidence and in an all-out attack, the success rate is high. Top Spin Precision is high.

Counters and Punch blocks or counter spins are devastatingly easy compared to Tenergy & Dignics rubbers. The sponge unleashes massive speed when hitting hard. Not recommended for beginners. Less reactive compared to tensors.

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