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Sanwei was one of the first company released new-generation rubber which have sticky topsheet and bouncy sponge( about 5 years earlier than BTY Dignics 09C and 6 years earlier than Tibhar K2 and K3). In the end of 2021, Sanwei finally upgrade their flag-ship rubber Sanwei Target National and released a brand- new version of it.


After a long time of waitting and many times delay by the pandemic, I just got the rubber few days ago. The rubbers have a brand new packing, come with bright sealed silver package. 

SANWEI Target National Cover


My first impression is the whole package is lighter than the older ones. My intuition was right, the rubber ( in the shape of trapezoid ) was around 60g of weight. It’s about 3-4g lighter than the old verion.


Sanwei New Target National hardness was labeled Max, it’s obviously harder than the old version, but softer than Sanwei Target Pro Blue 38.5 version. I always think that Sanwei hardness is higher than DHS, means Sanwei hardness of 38.5 degree is DHS hardness of 39.5 degree. So if you want to compare Sanwei New Target National hardness with DHS Hurricane, the hardness should be around 38-39 degree of Hurricane.

With this hardness, you can play Sanwei New Target National on both FH and BH.


As the most Chinese made rubber, Sanwei New Target National have a film cover the topsheet. After taking the film, the topsheet was impressed me. It’s have a good workmanship with exquisite surface. Sanwei introduced the New Target National is highly sticky, BUT the topsheet wasn’t sticky as the traditional Chinese sticky ruber, expecially compare to Sanwei Target Pro blue.

Even the topsheet has less sticky than other Sanwei Chinese-style rubber, it still have very good spin. In fact, it have less spin than Sanwei Target National, but it’s not easily to recognize in game. I can created spin easily in serve and forehand loop.


I glued Sanwei New Target National in my old Froster by water base glue. It’s happy that I found the rubber has better speed than the old version and other Chinese-style untuned rubber.

Sanwei New Target National has blue cake-sponge, like the older one. But compare to Sanwei Target National and Sanwei Gear Hyper, the “new” cake-sponge looks more like Sanwei Gear Hyper, which all have smaller hole in sponge, and sponge are crispy. 

I feel the Sanwei New Target National has the same speed as Yasaka Razka 7 and Donic S1 but has more control than both of them.

The second speed is not so special like traditional Chinese rubber.


Sanwei Gear Hyper had great success with great control. Sanwei do the same thing with Sanwei New Target National, make it have great control and feeling.

Forehand loop againts back spin is quite satisfactory but the counterloop and counterdrive are so stunning. When playing near the table, I can generate power to block or drive against topspin without afraid the ball going out.

It’s only become more difficult to counterloop when you play far from table or don’t generate enough power.

Throw angle

This rubber has a low throw angle, which remaind me about Hurricane 2. With brush loop, hit rate is really high but speed is slow and the curve is high, which means the opponent also can return the ball easily. With accelerated drive, the ball can easy drived to the end of the table, and go down after the bounce.


For me, Sanwei New Target National is a comprehensive rubber, which can fit both forehand and backhand.

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