Design of Type Su

Su Style blade is designed for better performance and more comfortable than the traditional CS handle blade. With the multiple optimize, even the backhand skills are easier to practise and perform.

Grand Pincer
Lite Pincer

Forefinger Platform: Where you can place your forefinger comfortably, makes it easier to hold the racket.

Pincer Holding: When you hold the SU-Pincer racket, your hitting spot will be on the extended line of your forearm.

Triangle force framework: Thenar-Forefinger-middle finger. Imitating the most steady structure of the triangle, your power can be transferred more completely. Su style blades will always be the most reliable ones.

By changing the holding gesture to the hooking by the forefinger, the hand muscles are relaxed. The upper part of the handle has a special angle for placing thenar and forefinger in order to fit the particular finger part to the right place.

By setting a forefinger platform at the right bottom of the blade, it enlarges the contact area to give the forefinger better support.

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