even Structure

The even structure is one of the value R&D result from SANWEI. This innovation of blade structure bring new feelings for 40+ age.

Playing Types:

Traditionally, there are two main playing types: Attack and Loop

Some people will consider them as speed and spin, but still.

a. Attack
Focusing on creating speed, the racket force direction is through ball center vertically.

b. Loop
Focusing on creating spin, the racket force direction is not vertically through the ball center, instead, it has a certain angle. This way the ball will not only moving forward but also spinning and create an arc because of 
Bernoulli’s principle.

To win a match, most players prefer to have the strong loop/attack way, to create strong spin and also good speed so that the opponent player is not able to anticipate easily. But, why does this related to this topic of even structure?

even Structure

The unique even Structure (a.k.a multi-carbon technology) will deform layer by layer while the racket hitting the ball. 
Unlike the traditional thick core structure, every single layer in even Structure deformed about the same. And with multi-carbon inside, the strength will remain the same with less energy loss.

The thick core structure is the classic structure of a blade.
The center layer is significantly thicker (usually 3-8  times thicker than other layer)
This thicker layer (core) is not as easy deformed as the other layers.
The ball remains less time on blade (though it is very short already) which means, the ball doesn’t have enough time to create spin but keep the high speed.

The difference between the two structures clearly shows that, the even Structure fits better for loop/attacking players as well as keeping a high speed character.

thickness of even Structure

The close picture of the S4.3 Blade. The thickness of 4 plywood are not the same.

Some players asked that, the thickness of each layer in even Structure are not always the same (like the picture above). Why?

Instead of simply combine layer of plywood in the same thickness, we calculated / simulated / tested the better result as you can see in the products line right now. In our calculation, the equal thickness doesn’t mean equal deformation while hitting the ball. The reality is more complicated.

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