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Revolutionary OX Pimple Structure: Sanwei DZ-OX showcases a revolutionary pimple structure that sets it apart from traditional rubbers. The Ox (Oxygen) pimple technology offers enhanced spin dynamics and unpredictable ball trajectories, making it a perfect choice for players seeking to surprise their opponents with versatile shots.

Unparalleled Grip and Spin: The advanced pimple configuration of DZ-OX rubber provides exceptional grip on the ball, allowing you to generate tremendous spin and rotation. This translates into more controlled serves, lethal topspins, and cunning chops that will keep your opponents guessing and on the defensive.

Aggressive Attack and Disruptive Defense: Whether you’re an offensive player looking to overpower your rivals or a defensive player aiming to disrupt their rhythm, Sanwei DZ-OX has got you covered. The rubber’s unique characteristics offer the perfect balance between aggressive attack and tactical defense, enabling you to dictate the tempo of the game.

Feature of Best Long Pimple Rubber Table Tennis -Dizzy

Actual performance of Best Long Pimple Rubber Table Tennis - Dizzy

We captured a moment where a topspin ball collided with the Sanwei LD Light rubber featuring “dizzy.”

In this instant, you can witness the spin being neutralized, resulting in an uncanny wobble and an unexpected arc.

This is the essence of “sanwei Dizzy rubber.”

SANWEI DIZZY OX- One of the best pimples out rubbers

LONG PIPS DZ-OX  is more than just a rubber – it’s a game-changer that offers an unprecedented blend of power, spin, and control. With its revolutionary pimple structure, dynamic sponge technology, and versatility in play, DZ-OX is your gateway to an elevated level of table tennis excellence.

Data Sheet of table tennis rubber

Model:  SANWEI Dizzy OX

Top-Sheet: Pimple out

Sponge: No sponge

Style: Recommend backhand

Sponge Thickness
2.15 mm

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Rubber Color

Black, Red

Sponge Thickness



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