2016 Capital University Cup-China

After a long period of one year, the 2016 Capital University Cup was successfully hold in Beijing, the capital of China, and 516 players from 56 teams of different universities have participated in the great event!


Beijing Industrial University Gymnasium

Date and time:

3rd-4th December, 2016

Game design:

The men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles

Game method:
Knockout -3 games 2 wins

Sanwei has offered the event designation competition tables and balls :

The high quality T-99 table with beautiful design, also was the designation tables in the biggest event of Vietnam, 2016 Hanoi Open

The 3 star seamless ball with long durability and high accuracy for the professional competitions

The excited moments and the awarding ceremony of the competitions:

Men’s Singles Champions:

Division 1B: Lin Zichuan-Tsinghua University

Division 2A: Cai Nanwei-Beijing Forestry University

Division 2B: Xiong Jiaxin-University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Women’s Singles Champions:

Division 1B: Liu Meichen-University of International Business and Economics

Division 2A: Zhou Yuxuan-Geng Dan College of Beijing University of Technology

Division 2B: Zhang Tiantian-Institute of International Relations

Men’s Doubles Champions:

Division 1B: Tsinghua University  Lin Zichuan/Chen Zhengying

Division 2A: Central University for Nationalities Xing Fuyan/Ma Yicong

Division 2B: Beijing Language and Culture University Baotianboye/Jigangkuanbu

Women’s Doubles Champions:

Division 1B: China University of Geosciences Zhang Haoyue/Ma Guorui

Division 2A: Geng Dan College of Beijing University of Technology Zhou Yuxuan/Han Xiao

Division 2B: Canvard Institute,beijing technology and business university Zhang Shan/Guo Meng

Mixed’s Doubles Champions:

Division 1B: Tsinghua University  Lin Zichuan/Xu Jia

Division 2A: China University of Geosciences Guo Donghang/Zhang Haoyue

Division 2B: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Xiong Jiaxin/Wang Xiaoyong

Sanwei will continue our goal: Happy Sanwei, Better Life!

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