2016 Hanoi Open-Vietnam

The biggest table tennis tournament 2016 Hanoi Open in Vietnam (belongs to VTF tournament series) took place in Nov 3rd-7th. This tournament is 10th cup. Sanwei is the main sponsor for the great competition, we offered our new international competition table tennis table T-99, 3 stars seamless balls, surrounds, score recorders。

The game took place in the annual sports socialization model has attracted a wide range of attention and the contribution of the fans more and more clear the national table tennis as background and professional development.There are also sponsors, representatives of these missions, more than 1000 of professional athletes, amateur and hundreds of enthusiastic to participate in the opening of the competition.

Major general Hypnosis making speech in the opening ceremony of 2016 Hanoi Open

Sanwei sponsored the biggest table tennis tournament in Vietnam

The wonderful moments in the games.

The awarding of the competition

Sanwei will continue our goal: Happy TT, Better Life!

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