The classic heritage of Craftsmanship

To some people, they are always trying to create more amazing handmade works, For high-quality rackets to players.

It’s never more to mention that the SANWEI craftsman making the blade becoming extremely valuable. They are very concerned about the quality of the product, each ring are strict checked, Dare not have the slightest error. This is SANWEI guarantee to consumers, but also the craftsmen to promote their own technology.

Devoting to offer the best playing experiences for players, How does the craftsman play to their strengths manufacturing a Sophisticated blade to achieve it.

“Why do you have to brush the board on every floor, isnt very inefficiency?”


Handmade concept implements the FEXTRA full body,

Pure manual brush plate can make glue on each layer of wood evenly applied to the extreme comparing to the mechanized brush plate. Making the integration of wood and glue to optimize,

Not high production efficiency but has a vary high quality control standards,

A substantial reduction in ‘uneven’ quality control phenomenon.

The same selection, process, there is a different feel, why? Does artificial dry affecting?


The natural holding time determines the dryness and density between wood,

The longer, the density of wood will be greater, the feeling will be more solid.

Artificial drying will make the wood lose the natural activity,

Can not have the unique feeling by natural drying, this is not what we want.

Craftsman Skilled use grinding machine

In order to grind every blade to the ideal shot shape, it requires superb craftsmanship to even a look at the semi-finished products, to determine whether it’s qualified or not!

By now, More than half of the Fextra body was completed by the craftsman.

Not just the whole piece of body need to polish,

Craftsmanship to the small handle will go to carefully “care”.

The handle unique design of ‘under flat & on round’ type, providing a unique sense of grip,Strengthening the ball’s hitting feeling; No matter how small the handle is, they can accurately polish the desired shape, Craftsman are expert in ST, FL, CS or AN, etc.,

This is a guarantee of the blade feeling.

After the formal two processes, Using professional handle presser combine the body and handle with special glue Auxiliary Bonding, After Each handle of the blade being pressed, the stability  is ensured, while hitting feel also is Enhanced ,After a strict recheck then the next operation is allowed.

Strive for excellence is the longing pursuit of craftsman.The use of flexible hands to the Fextra polish any light flaw in the blade,

They treat each racket consistently, Dare not with the slightest neglect,

They are not only in the race of quality control, but also in their own race for perfection!

Details make a big difference

Craftsman have the incomparable understanding of the details ,

Carries the principle of detail determine a success or failure, They will detect and amend the very little wrong in the trace of wood chips or shape in the first time.

Their values are very clear, “product quality is the company’s face, the high value never afraid of no customers”

Craftsman make special protection for the anti-peeling treatment, every blade will be brushed by a layer of microcrystalline coating on both sides.making the blade not easy to splinter, Ingenuity!

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