FEXTRA: legend of classic

What is the classic?

Classic is the bright navigation lights that lead our direction

Classic is eternal philosophy that tell us the ideal of life

Classic is superb wines that aftertaste the flavor of our life


When we are bored with the weapons that in our hand for a long time.

Looking for a great “sword”

Here the FEXTRA coming!

Remodeling the legend of classics


[remodeling] we want to remove some flaws and improve the legend structure, restore the purest sense of batting

[legend] FEXTRA is developed on the Liu Guoliang’s CL structure blade, the one that making him a legend

[classic] The optimized Fextra will be a classic that everyone can have!

Why this structure and material?

[Ayous core]

Providing enough power and bottom strength of the blade.

Just like the body of a strong bow is made from hard tough wood.

The hardness of a blade core is very important.

The Ayous core of FEXTRA is after rounds of selection.

[three-equal thickness]

The vertical and horizontal arrangement of core.

When hitting the ball, three layers will be synchronized to produce deformation and resilience.

Making the blade deformation recovery speed maintained at a proper time.

Having a better continuous offensive performance In actual combat.


The secrect why FEXTRA can has better control and fault tolerance, restoring the Clear and crisp batting feeling of the old CL blade lies in the supporting layer: Limba.

It can easily bring the high quality quick attacking looping effect!

The key point of table tennis is “getting on table”

CL blade is very comprehensive performed in general.

The biggest drawback of it is low “Fault-tolerant rate”. Rejecting a lot of admired players

Or to be second-level blade cause uncontrollable.

Adequate power, Clear and crisp batting feeling , but can’t get on table, it has become a decoration.

Limba supporting layer making the Fault-tolerant rate and stability into a higher level than the old CL.

SANWEI are committed to making every player experience the most authentic 7 layers of pure wood!

Dive in!

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