2017 Capital University Cup-China

After a long period of one year, the 2017 Capital University Cup was successfully held in Beijing, the capital of China, nearly 600 players from 63 university teams have participated in this fantastic event!

Organized by the Beijing University Sports Association, undertaken by North China University of Technology & Table Tennis Association Branch. This competition has used SANWEI T99 table as official table.


Beijing Industrial University Gym

Date and time:

23rd-24th Nov. 2017

Game design:

The men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles

Game division:

Division A: High-level athletes special strokes group

Division B: More than 8,000 students in the school

Division A: Less than 8,000 students in the school

Game method:
Knockout -3 games 2 wins

The competition is very intense and fierce.
After two days of 1782 fights, finally the top eight in each group were decided!

Here are the champions list:

Men’s Singles Champions:

Division A: Li Jiayue-Peking University

Division B: Xia Tian-Tsinghua University

Division C: Li Sigang-Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology

Women’s Singles Champions:


Division B: Song Wanting-China University of Mining and Technology

Division C: Zhang Tiantian-Institute of International Relations

Men’s Doubles Champions:

Division A: Peking University  Li Jiayue & Li Daiyuan

Division B: Tsinghua University Lin Zichuan & Chen Zhengying

Division C: Beijing Foreign Studies University Liu Shupeng & Fan Shuheng

Women’s Doubles Champions:

Division A: Beijing Sport University Liu Cong & Pan Yizi

Division B: China University of Geosciences Zhang Haoyue & Gao Ran

Division C: Beijing International Studies University Zhang Zimu & Lin Ziqi

Mixed’s Doubles Champions:

Division A: Peking University  Li Jiayue & Meng Jiaqi

Division B: Tsinghua University  Lin Zichuan & Xu Jia

Division C: Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology Yan Bowen & Han Xiao

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