SpinWay in Slovak signs a collaboration agreement with the Sanwei Brand

BeiJing, China: Sanwei Sports today announced a new partnership with SpinWay. This partnership will promote the development of the local table tennis industry and can better actively serve table tennis fans. .

Clark Mu, Sanwei international Marketing Manager said: “We are very excited to work with SpinWay in order to promote table tennis in Slovak and make more people participate in this sport.”

Tomáš, Director of SpinWay, added:” As a newcomer in the field of table tennis, SpinWay strives to bring new and innovative solutions for table tennis players. We are delighted to have partnered with the Chinese brand Sanwei, which has considerable experience in this field and is considered one of the leaders in the market. Through our collaboration with them, we have been able to access the most advanced technology and highest quality materials, enabling us to offer even better products to our customers. We believe that our partnership with Sanwei will be very beneficial for both parties and will help us gain a stronger position in the market.

With the establishment of this partnership, Sanwei believes that our table tennis equipment can bring power and joy to the majority of local table tennis fans. In these days, we have received feedback from many SpinWay consumers, which will make our brand better and better.

Sanwei Sport is a professional table tennis brand since 1993 that aims to provide the best quality/price products for table tennis.With headquarters in BeiJing and a factory in HeBei(China),Sanwei also has its own table tennis club in BeiJing where,in the future,training stays could be held.

SpinWay, a brand of table tennis in Slovakia, supports local manufacturers and suppliers. They aim to offer table tennis players at all levels quality products that are affordable. We also haven’t forgot the kids. This deal includes children’s products. SpinWay was created by a team of table tennis enthusiasts with years of experience. Table tennis players are happy to offer advice on the best products.

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