Sanwei officially announces the new all-wood table tennis blade – Parla and Echo!

Beijing, China, Sanwei Sport today announces the best 5 ply all wood blade Echo and the best 7 ply all wood blade Parla.  These two new all-wood blades under the Trio series.

As a 5-ply all wood blade, Echo offers perfect control thanks to its hard and thick Ayous core. The superior limba surface gives the paddle a refined ball-hitting touch and unmatched directional control, making it easy to handle balls in the short and middle court. With its thick Ayous core, the pure wood blade provides perfect power feedback and reduces energy loss during transmission when delivering a lethal strike using your forehand or backhand. Designed for ultimate control, this blade has undergone numerous tests by professional athletes to achieve Echo.

Parla is a brand-new product in the Trio series. It has outstanding and unique features. 7-ply all wood blade Parla is made from limba, ayous. The total thickness is 6.0mm. And the print color is black. But this product’s handle is made of white, red, and grey which also has a Sanwei sports len-mark and bottom-lens. Both new products have their own outstanding advantages, so the handles of all wood table tennis blade Parla can be customized to suit the needs of table tennis players. And this Parla brings these players who are good at mid-stage,loop-attack, and advanced to overcome ride after ride in their life. Additionally, Parla and Echo have three types of handles: FL, ST, and CS. So I hope you are able to choose the one that best suits you. 

all wood table tennis blade echo details mate
The detail of Parla - A new all wood table tennis blade

Features of Echo - The best 5 ply all wood blade

  • Smooth and Responsive
  • Excellent stability
  • Sturdy and Strong

Features of Parla - The best 7 ply all wood blade:

  • Stability and Calm
  • Sniper and Shooter
  • Power and Strong

Sanwei Sport is a professional table tennis brand since 1993 that aims to provide the best products for table tennis. And with headquarters in BeiJing and a factory in HeBei, Sanwei also has its own table tennis club in BeiJing.  In the future, training stays could be held.

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